Local Move Pricing

We charge for our moving services by the hour, in .25 hr increments, with a 1.5 hr minimum. The "Clock" starts after we arrive at the first location and complete a walkthrough of the house and ends when everything is unloaded and set up/organized to your satisfaction. Most of our moves do not have any other fees/charges other than the hourly rate. For moves outside of our 20-mile radius (from Burnsville) we typically have to charge a flat travel fee for our time, fuel, and mileage. Special items such as Gun Safes, Pianos, Pool Tables, etc. are subject to an additional commission charge which goes 100% to the crew.

2 Movers+ 1 Truck $175 per hour.

Each additional Mover is $75 per hour.

Each additional Truck is $25 per hour.

E.g., 3 Men + 2 Trucks: $275 per hour.

We offer free estimates and will not exceed the total amount of hours originally estimated without approval. 

Most jobs are doable with 2 movers and 1 truck. If you have a larger job, or just want things to move quickly, we offer 3- and 4-man crews.